Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services 

At Jenkins & Co we cover all aspects of accounting services for sole traders, limited companies and partnerships.

Statutory Accounts Preparation Services 

We prepare annual accounts for Sole Traders and Partnerships to generate the information required for their self-assessment tax returns. 

We also prepare Statutory accounts for our limited company clients in a format which complies with the Companies Act. We submit the detailed account to HM Revenue & Customes and file filleted accounts for small companies who qualify for this exemption at Companies House. 

We aim to have our clients accounts completed as soon as possible after the year end so that the information is timely and meaningful in making business decisions. 

  • Preparation of annual accounts for sole traders and partnerships including accountants report, profit and loss account and balance sheet. 

  • Preparation of annual accounts for Limited companies compliant with FRS102, includes directors report, accountants report, profit and loss account, balance sheet, and notes to the accounts. 

  • Limited company accounts submitted to Companies House. 

  • Limited company accounts submitted to HMRC. 

Management Accounts Preparation Services 

We can prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts for our clients as required. This allows our clients to have regular updates on how their business is performing during the year. 

We can also provide you with regular management accounts to keep you informed on essential areas such as: 

  • Cashflow 

  • Profitability 

  • Performance ratios 

  • Customer activity 

  • Credit Control 

  • Budget comparisons 

"We focus on the detail to make your accounting less taxing"